Immunization Week – What is it?

World Immunization Week is celebrated in the last week of April. It’s an initiative by the World Health Organisation (WHO) that aims to emphasize the need for immunization against vaccine-preventable illnesses for both, children and adults, all over the world. Their concept ‘Protected Together: Vaccines Work!’ is intended to celebrate the ones working towards supporting the cause of vaccinations, including the ones educating the masses about the value of getting vaccinated early on.

Ways in which the immunization concerns could be resolved

According to the different studies conducted globally, the following are some of the ways in which complete immunization could be achieved.

  • Ensuring proper Health Management Information Systems in place will help in staying up to date regarding the important vaccinations to be taken.
  • Informing people about the upcoming health campaigns and providing complete details about the campaigns with regard to date, time and venue, will increase the participation. Additionally, following up with reminders and offering the required on the go assistance will ensure higher participation.
  • Advertising health schemes and policies via mass media increases the outreach of information and creates the right awareness. This further helps in eliminating misleading information that might result in vaccine-scares. And as a result, vaccination rate increases.

Benefits of immunization

The benefits of immunization stretch beyond the present moment. The following are a few.

  • They prevent illnesses.
  • They reduce the spread of contagious illnesses.
  • They enable safe travel.
  • They strengthen the immune system and contribute to life expectancy.
  • They ensure that the entire population is healthy and happy.

Ways to create awareness about immunization

The main objective of World Immunization Week is to create awareness on immunization and emphasize the importance of getting the necessary vaccinations in the prescribed dosage at the right intervals of time. This ensures the prevention of illnesses in a timely manner. The following are some of the ways of achieving the required awareness

  • Educate yourself on immunization and consult your doctor about the necessary vaccinations to be taken by you and your family.
  • Share the information with as many as you can, mainly with the ones who do not have access to important healthcare information.
  • Vaccinating children will help them in leading a healthy life, free from illnesses that can be prevented by vaccination.
  • Immunization saves costs that might otherwise get spent on illnesses that can be prevented by vaccination.
  • Getting immunized is a moral duty as the protection against illnesses will ensure that you will not pass the illnesses to others who are not immunized.

This makes it evident that immunization is a collective effort. And that creating awareness and improving access to immunization is vital for a healthy living. It’s also important for societal progress.

Why is it important on the corporate front?

Since vaccines prevent illnesses, including the ones that are contagious, it’s an important concept on the corporate front as well. This makes it necessary for companies to organize regular health checks where employees can avail the benefits of getting vaccinated if required. This would ensure a healthy workforce which in turn contributes to achieving the required work performance and productivity.

How immunization helps organizations

By making it a priority to keep your workforce healthy, you as an employer gain more than you realize. The following are some of the aspects.

  • Immunization keeps your workforce healthy and a healthy workforce automatically leads to increased performance and productivity rates. This makes it evident that investing in the health of your employees is worth it.
  • A healthy workforce creates a positive work environment.
  • Having a health benefits package that keeps your employees healthy and happy is something that you will be proud of and will attract prospective employees.

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