Bring wellness to your desk and see the benefits!

Desk jockeys need not worry about getting a workout at their desk – floor engagements are coming to the rescue!

Wondering what “floor engagements” have to do with your wellness program? Firstly, understand what floor engagements mean: they are specifically designed activities to where your employee is sitting – at the desk.

Employees spend an average of 30% of their time working and days at work can feel monotonous for many. Employers need to make an effort in keeping a positive workplace environment by introducing initiatives that charge up the employee’s day.

Wellness activities like desktop yoga, desk zumba, floor fitness challenges, etc. can engage a large number of people without having them to move from their desk space. Floor engagements may be your best to kick-start a culture of wellness at the workplace.  Read on to know more.

Starting with floor engagements is a good idea for employers

Easy to execute

Floor engagements do not require you to mobilize too many resources. All you need is an SME, in the case of desktop yoga or meditation, or a speaker in the case of desk zumba and the like. Employees can even take it up as and when they want to. Group focused desk activities offer an additional benefit of engaging a larger group of employees, saving you bandwidth. Word about the program can also be spread easily through digital as well as print mediums on the floor.

Easy on the pocket

As these activities take place on the employees’ floor, you don’t have to rent out a venue or block a venue in the office. Additionally, you save manpower time/cost that goes into the setup of an external venue. Savings are made on employee working hours, as well.

Can be customized easily

Personalization is the frontier of wellness programs. It starts with understanding your organization’s health and wellness numbers. Digital offerings using website portals can include personalized diet and workout plans, and online coaching, to help employees reach their health goals. It can be taken even further with customized package deals for all the employees that include yoga sessions, EAP, mindfulness meditation, nutritional coaching etc.

Higher participation rates

Floor engagements are easily accessible to employees (at their desk). Hence, floor engagements will see higher involvement from employees in terms of participation and feedback. Employees will also feel motivated as they see their team mates taking up the initiatives along with them. 

Can be held in multiple locations simultaneously

It doesn’t matter if your office has a lot of floors or buildings in different locations A well-managed floor engagement program can easily cover all these locations simultaneously. For digital floor engagements, employees simply have to log in to the portal to access the activity and get started.

Easy to get metrics for future use

Thanks to technology, getting metrics from floor engagements has become easy. Every time an employee signs up or participates in an online activity, it is automatically recorded. It’s also best to use a portal to digitally collect and gauge employee feedback and participation. Metrics can help you align your program goals to theirs, and that will create a happier and thriving workplace culture.

Many options available

Deskercises, desktop yoga, meditation, desk zumba, fitness challenges, ergonomics…the list goes on. There are so many options to choose from for floor engagements. This also keeps the engagement levels high at work, as employees will always have something new and exciting to look forward to.

How do your employees benefit?

Great for diversity and inclusion

Floor engagements like yoga and meditation create an inclusive atmosphere where both men and women, of different age groups can be equal participants. Even employees with disabilities can participate when the activities are made accessible, and that’s the beauty of wellness activities – they cuts across differences to make everyone feel welcomed.

Breaks the ice between different teams

Regular floor engagements can encourage employee participation and interaction between different teams. It can also create a sense of belonging and camaraderie between team members, as well as motivate employees at work.  

Helps people to relax

Work can get stressful at certain times and it is important to let your team blow-off the stress with activities like group meditation and yoga. They are a good way to slow down, relax and de-stress teams. Some activities can also be focused on creating a more meaningful and inspiring experiences for the audience.

Boost morale and lowers turnover

According to the Gallup State of the American Workplace Report, companies with higher employee engagement rates experience 37% less absenteeism and 90% less turnover. The same research shows that employees who are engaged with the company are satisfied at work and that lowers turnover while encouraging other high performing individuals to join your company, too.

Challenges on your way

Getting management on-board

Managers might feel like floor engagements may disrupt the work environment – disrupt calls and meetings. Getting them involved first, by showing them the benefits of taking a break from work and the improved employee happiness levels that come with it, will help them change their perspective.

Getting employees involved

Initially participation may not be as expected. To get people to be comfortable with floor engagements, start with ice breaker activities – this will help them loosen up. Having senior leaders on-board will also motivate them to participate.

Getting SMEs

Finding an SME partner to execute your program will take time and some level of experimentation. Always do a trial with smaller scale activities or check references to see how they are doing.

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