The Covid-19 second wave made a significant impact on business activities.  

According to a FICCI survey, India Inc suffered a huge blow on many levels. For instance, 58% of business activities reported weak demand and 43% experienced tight financial liquidity as a major issue.

Vaccination being the only long-term solution was a unanimous position. Many companies rolled vaccination drives for their employees, apart from funding medicines and hospitalisation. Companies like Accenture offered quarantine services, VMWare recently announced the doubling of Wellness Allowance and many others offered paid leave and perks. 

But is that enough to make employees feel safe, help them cope with the pressures of work from home and manage pandemic fatigue fuelled by the lockdown? 

Well, not really. 

Companies recognised the unmissable link between wellbeing and the employee’s and the company’s ability to thrive and move forward. The HR of many companies swung into action and put wellbeing plans in place. 

According to a ‘COVID Benefits Survey 2021’ by ANSR found that 

  • 58% of the companies introduced digital wellness benefits 
  • 46% tele-medicine support 
  • 50% advanced preventative care from COVID-19 
  • 80% introduced EAP 

One such wellbeing plan is Wellbeing on the Web (WoW) – a digital one-stop-shop for wellbeing offered services to employees and their family members. The plug-n-play mode allows employees to access a range of services catering to the physical, emotional, social and financial pillars of wellbeing anytime, anywhere, even on the go. 

Wellbeing services most consumed during the second Covid-19 wave:

Grief counselling webinars:

With companies losing near and dear ones at home and work, the need for these sessions became increasingly urgent. Emotional health experts offered coping mechanisms and encouraged people to seek therapy if needed. 

High demand for physician consultations:

On WoW, we offer doctor, nutritionist and counselling services. The need to consult a doctor was urgent, especially with people on high alert about Covid-19 symptoms. Out of our consultations, 23% were with GPs. People did look to solve smaller medical problems without stepping out.

Live fitness classes:

Though this has been a constant feature since the launch of the platform, during the second wave yoga and meditation classes helped many get back to their fitness routine which they missed due to lockdowns. Meditation was an emotional stress buster and mitigated WFH woes. Zumba was a big hit among families.

The most watched video on WoW:

Self-care and emotional health took centre stage during the lockdown. The video ‘Love yourself’ challenged stereotypes of body image and focused on developing a positive mindset towards one’s body size and potential.

The most read article on the WoW site:

Given the volatile financial situations fueled by the pandemic, the article on “The importance of having an e-insurance account in your portfolio’ found many takers. The articles on the WoW site address all 4 pillars of wellbeing and offer readers valuable tips, home remedies and practical solutions to maximise day-to-day wellbeing. 

As you can see, WoW meets different wellbeing needs and helps people put wellbeing first. With easy and quick access to expert advice, wellness hacks and fitness-centred events, WoW has made and continues to make wellbeing a way of life for many. 

If you’re looking for a wellbeing partner for your company, we at The Fuller Life would be most happy to guide you through it. Do reach out to us here.