The festive season has just begun and we are looking forward to celebrating the end of the year with laughter and relaxation. It’s the right time for us to look back at the year before and ensure we implement of what we have learnt for the future for wellbeing.

2020 proved to be an unprecedented challenge to our wellbeing. Lines between work and life blurred and a general sense of unease and anxiety was present. In a recent survey, almost 50% of working professionals have stated that they’ve been working either the same or more hours since the start of the pandemic as they work from home.  Employees expressed their need for organizations to step in and assist in balancing workloads and offer methods to de-stress and care for employee wellness.

The change from a traditional workplace to remote workspaces has shown us that burnout and fatigue are still issues that hamper wellbeing and productivity. These issues are equally concerning for employees working remotely as those working in a physical workspace.

59% employees and business leaders have stated that since the rise of the pandemic, their organizations have ensured there are some measures to safeguard against burnout and fatigue. However, 29% of employees have said that they wish organizations would act with more compassion.

It’s never too late to step in and boost the wellness levels of your organization. This season of celebration has also given us a chance to show our workforce how much we appreciate their hard work and dedication this past year.

Acknowledge your workforce with a gift
that puts wellbeing in their hands.

Here are some options you can try:

1. Fitness – As we stay indoors, options for physical exercise have gone down. Gift your employees a budget to procure fitness equipment for their homes, fitness trackers or online fitness subscriptions.

2. Healthy eating – A balanced diet can nourish us and fill us with energy. Invest in a nutritionist consultation service for your employees. You could also offer a healthy snack box subscription, dark chocolate box or a tea box.

3. Telemedicine – Give your employees and their loved ones access to healthcare at the tap of the button.

4. COVID-19 safety – Put safety first with a self-sanitation kit consisting of a mask, heavy duty sanitizer and disposable wipes.

5. Virtual engagement – Host an online talent hunt or concert.

6. Gardening- Growing our own produce is beneficial for our mental and physical health. Gift a Grow Your Own Greens kit, seed papered cards/calendar/diary for your workforce to try at home.

7. Home office essentials – Work from home is devoid of office equipment that can keep us healthy as we work long hours. Make the transition easier with an Ergonomics webinar or a home office essentials budget.

8. A break with comfort – A comfy neck pillow, eye mask, ear plugs or rugs for the feet are small ways to encourage wellness amongst your employees.

9. A complete wellbeing package – Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could combine all the options above and present your employees with a wellness platform that they can access anywhere? The Wellbeing on the Web program focuses on the four vital pillars of wellness – Physical, Financial, Social and Emotional to ensure holistic wellbeing is an easy goal for your workforce. It’s a total wellbeing solution, featuring telemedicine and dietitian services, live fitness classes, informative webinars, newsletters, articles on the latest trends on health and wellness and more! Have a glimpse here.

As we enter this festive season, let us smile a little brighter as we keep health and wellness on the top of our checklists. Reach out to us and guide your organization towards a new year of wellbeing.