This pandemic has given us all a harsh reality check and it’s not going away any time soon. Now more than ever, health should be the number one priority. The Fuller Life, as always, has its customers’ health and wellness as our number one priority. Our aim is to make corporate India healthier, and that has not changed.

Most people have adapted to this new life and have now started to go back to the new la vida loca i.e, ‘the new crazy life’.

The work from home culture is the new normal now and is now considered the way to move forward during this time. The phrase ‘stuck in traffic’ has now been replaced with ‘facing network issues’ and ‘you’re on mute’. The changes have taken a toll on everyone’s health. Being in front of a system all day every day has its challenges. The need of the hour is to constantly keep up our health and thrive to boost our immunity. Right now, it feels like the line between work and life is non-existent.

The situation we are in has not only affected our personal lives but has also impacted the economy where companies are laying off millions of people because of budget cuts. This, in turn, has led to a curb in the spend on employee wellness programs and benefits. The role of HR is also being redefined.

The major question now, is how to manage employee wellbeing while keeping the company’s interest in mind? What provisions should be provided for the ones in need, whether they are working remotely or from home. How should we reinvent the wheel?

The tectonic change in people’s lifestyles has led to companies moving their focus from physical wellness to emotional wellness to a holistic approach of wellbeing of their employees.

TFL has been in the health and wellbeing industry for over 18 years now and continues to help companies keep their workforce healthy. What practices should your company be following to have sound physical, emotional, financial and social well-being. The year 2020 has led us to changing our advice to companies .

We now see our new role as integrators for the companies. We have put together a set of curated offerings that cover most of a company’s wellbeing plan. This includes the basics, like a counselor service and telemedicine, but also consultations on nutrition, that much overlooked part of health. We have also added digital engagement (useful for making information easily palatable), newsletters, videos, articles, and webinars. All of this is hosted on the web and can be accessed on your phone.

This offering, called Wellbeing on the Web (WoW), has found customers across tech companies, banks, and FMCG majors. They range in size from 65 people to over 40k employees, so we think we are doing something right. As always, our goal is to get the average employee of corporate India healthier. We are still flying towards our true north.

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