Summer is here! So is the depleting employee engagement. 

Bring out your sunglasses and shorts, pack your travel bags and sip on that cool drink!

If this is your current status, then you are one of the lucky few enjoying a summer vacation. But what about the others who are not holidaying on a beach or enjoying the cool mornings at a hill station?

As an organisation responsible for their employee happiness quotient, here are a few pointers on how you can enhance employee engagement, whilst they spend the summer working in the office.

  • Make break time exciting
    Introduce a special summer beverage and promote how important it is to keep the body cool. Make it a time where employees can take a quick break to interact with others through small activities
  • Bring Your Child To Work
    Plan a Bring Your Child to Work Program. The benefits are manifold. Having parents share a part of their work-life with their children can be a fantastic way to show you care and have kids see the way an organisation functions.
  • An art kiosk
    Provide basic art stationery and encourage employees to express their creative side. Art as a form of expression has been known to relieve stress instantly and effectively. As an alternative, install an interactive board that employees can add to or describe through photos or writing, what summer means to them. This could be a starting point for a lot of activities or a great place to understand your employees better.
  • Office summer décor
    Make temporary changes to workstations or reorganize spaces. Changing the work environment can prove to be beneficial to your employees. A change of scene or addition like a plant or a decorative, interactive element can add some excitement to a work desk.
  • Employee fitness
    Make fitness fun. Encourage employees with rewards for competing in sports activities. Or set up a regular exercise program where employees stand a chance to win a prize. It will improve their energy levels at work and the motivation you provide them is priceless. A program like the League of the Fit is designed to keep fitness fun and competitive. Read up more in our blog, engage your workforce with sports. 
  • Office outing
    Locate the nearest science or art museum and plan an office visit. If the place permits one can organise a picnic as well. The place of interest has to be chosen such that there is something employees can learn from or be fascinated to experience.

We’ve outlined a few simple and effective ideas to cater to the mind, body and soul of your workforce, especially for the summer. We can also help you put together a program for your specific employee engagement requirements, do get in touch with us at or call us on +91 80500 58002/3.