You must have heard the word ‘Wellness’ before, either from health care professionals or well-meaning relatives. ‘Wellness’ is the act of practicing healthy habits daily to improve the quality of life. For most employees, well-rounded wellness can be difficult to achieve as healthy routines are hampered by long hours at the desk.


Physical wellness refers to making health easily accessible through a balanced diet, frequent exercise routines and regular health check-ups.

How does physical wellness benefit you? 

 Prioritizing your health can help you seize each day with energy and enthusiasm. Some of the small steps to keep you physically fit:

  1. Balanced diet – You are what you eat, an adage that has a nugget of truth in it. Your physical health depends on what you consume to nourish it. Eating a balanced diet helps you control your weight, combat diseases, improves longevity and leads to an overall increase in energy.
  2. Regular exercise – It can involve a short walk down the road or an endorphin blasting workout session at the local gym, but regular exercise is the key to good health. Getting those muscles moving can relieve stress, anxiety and boost your productivity and thereby your outlook on life.
  3. Annual health check-ups – We often visit health care professionals only when we’re suffering from illnesses or feeling out of sorts. Prevention is better than a cure and regular visits to the doctor to assess your health can be made a routine.
  4. Adequate sleep – Getting less than 7 hours of sleep can negatively affect your mental abilities and emotional state. It also hampers decision-making processes and creativity. Severe sleep deprivation can lead to low functioning of your central nervous system and immune system.

Physical Wellness Activities for employees. 

It’s easy to let physical wellness slip your mind at the workplace. People are busy attending meetings, completing tasks and answering important phone calls. Some physical activities that can be introduced are:

  1. Walking or running challenges – Organize innovative events for your employees to get fit together. It can also boost the spirit of healthy competition and make exercise an enjoyable experience.
  2. Exercise classes – Plan and implement weekly sessions with fitness professionals. A yoga session for the benefit of the employees can help in stress management, meditation and muscle relaxation.
  3. Recreational room – Utilize a small area in the office by turning it into a place for relaxation and fun. Bring in board games such as Carrom, Uno, Chess or Mini-golf. This provides your employees with a mental break as well as a physical break from the desk.


We may be faced with difficult decisions and situations in both our professional and personal lives. Emotional wellness refers to an individual’s ability to cope and manage mental and emotional challenges in a healthy, fruitful way.

Why is Emotional Wellness Important? 

Emotional wellness is often an overlooked building block of wellbeing, here are some reasons to give it the importance it deserves:

  1. Facilitates successful relationships – Be it professional or personal relationships, successful interactions instill feelings of empathy, sympathy and rationalization. Having a calm and composed mind helps us communicate more effectively and enables happier relationships with those around us.
  2. Better decision making abilities – We are often posed with situations that we must navigate judiciously. Negative emotions can block our cognitive facilities. It’s easier to comprehend obstacles with a clear mind. By prioritizing stress management and mental health, making hard decisions can feel less complicated.
  3. Creates a supportive environment – A positive environment is one of the key factors behind our growth as individuals. By allowing ourselves time to relax our minds and process our emotions, our outlook on life can change drastically.

Steps to promote Emotional Wellness among employees. 

Implementing constructive methods for employees to achieve emotional wellness is paramount in any successful organization. Some of the steps you can take to lend a helping hand to your workforce are:

  1. An Employee Assistance Program (EAP)- Introduce a helpline as part of an employee assistance program with experts ready to offer advice to troubled employees. It displays the value and respect you have for your workforce and that you are concerned for their emotional wellbeing.
  2. Yoga and meditation – Help your employees unwind and discover techniques to relax by planning mediation workshops, implementing quiet rooms and arranging yoga workouts.
  3. Webinars and seminars with experts – We often need clarity on the various emotions we experience. Through webinars and seminars, your employees can gain knowledge and insight into their problems and learn how to implement better emotional management.


Taking the time to ensure your finances are growing in the right direction is always a beneficial step. Financial wellness refers to the overall financial health of an individual. It can be achieved through smart financial planning and investments as you keep imminent expenditure in mind.

Why is Financial Wellness Important? 

  1. Security for the future – We all have dreams and goals we want to achieve. Keeping your finances in shape allows you to have a better map toward the end goal.
  2. Takes stress out of the equation – Employees often feel anxious about their finances. It’s important to analyze and plan one’s finances so that you are not bogged down with worry about the next step.
  3. Improving financial growth – A mistake that we commonly make is to allow our money to remain static. Allow your finances to flourish by making smart investments, monitoring the stock market and checking out the optimum rate of interest in the financial market.

Steps to promote Financial Wellness among your employees. 

  1. Financial literacy via webinars –Help your employees map out their finances by providing informative sessions from experts on trends in the market and techniques for smart money management.
  2. Customized solutions – Finances are subjective and so are our questions pertaining to it. Customize sessions based on the needs of your company and organize financial events based on what your employees are interested in.

Wellness is like a Rubik’s Cube, it’s important to align all the elements to achieve overall harmony. 

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