It is that time of the year! One is tempted to set into the mood of monsoon with a bowl of hot snacks to munch on and curl into blankets.

With the lash of rains creating puddles and slippery tracks, this season may not be quite appealing to running enthusiasts. This is only a minor setback to a lifetime commitment of fitness and wellbeing.

Face the season! 

If you are trained in running, continue with it as the body is not really affected by the downpour. Wear waterproof, brightly colored running gear along with shoes that have a firm grip to ensure your safety on the road. Protective head gear like a cap or sunglasses can be used for better visibility against the drizzle.

If you are still not at ease with running in rainy weather, no worries! Your daily exercise routine can still continue without going outside. This is what you can get done to set your heart racing and prepare for marathons post monsoon:

  1. Strength training

Simply put, strength training is using muscular force against a resistance (could be your own body or added weights). For someone taking up running, this becomes important as it helps build muscle tissues and improve your muscle strength and endurance. The risk of injury during running is also brought down and helps you become a faster and more efficient runner.

If you don’t have dumbbells, try using heavy books or bottles of water as light weights. Body weight workouts which include squats, lunges or planks are also effective and can be performed in the comfort of your home.

2. Eating right to build muscle and endurance 

A great runner knows that endurance is built in the kitchen. Protein rich food is a prime factor in creating muscle growth and strength. Non-vegetarians can include chicken breast or egg whites in their daily diet. For vegetarians, soy chunks, tofu and paneer are great sources of the protein you need. Always remember that food is fuel to the body so power it with the right kind.

Even with the right tips, sometimes you might not feel motivated to get things done. What you might need is that slight nudge to kick-start your fitness routine.

Here are reasons why you might want to take up the personal challenge of a marathon to run it right.

  1. The Health Perks

 It helps you regulate blood pressure and hence improve blood circulation and cardiovascular fitness.

The added benefit of sun exposure allows for vitamin D synthesis, helping in calcium absorption and increased bone density. It’s an efficient way to burn calories, helping you reach your weight loss goals.

Running also is known to help reduce your stress and sleep better which improves your psychological functioning, thus impacting your overall wellbeing.

2. Bringing about self-discipline

A healthy body houses a healthy mind and vice-versa. The way running alters both the body and the mind, an individual automatically is motivated to impart the learning outcomes from this to other activities in various spheres of life. Taking up a fitness discipline such as running, positively affects your efficiency and productivity at work.

3. Impact in work space 

A regular exercise routine helps you deal with challenges more efficiently on a daily basis.

Time management, commitment, endurance, strategizing; name it and running will have given you valuable lessons in implementing these.

With lowered stress levels post running, an employee is able to deal with tense situations they find themselves in at work.

Moreover, training as a team for a marathon helps build effective communication, co-operation and team spirit among people. It also motivates an individual to strive towards personal improvement by aspiring to do better with each consecutive challenge.

It can be difficult to transition from exercising once a week to implementing running as a lifestyle.

Here are a set of steps you could follow to help you be more organized as a runner, on a daily basis.  You could try: 

  1. Scheduling it right 

Making a plan and giving it a direction is the first step in the process. Once you fix a timing that is fairly convenient to you, stick to that schedule. Once you start noticing the impact, you will be positively compelled to go for the run daily.

2. Joining a group of marathon trainers

While running for a marathon, you tend to take your fitness regime more seriously. When you know that that you are in a way accountable, there is more motivation to continue on the track and lesser chance for you to fall out of the routine.

The community of marathon runners is growing and being a part of it, keeps you motivated to continue on the fitness track and improve your running technique. One can also bring in their friends and family to take part in the marathons; taking up fitness goals gives you an opportunity to improve your relationships and to make the activity itself more fun.

Why getting employees to run marathons is good for a company 

Employees lethargic from long hours of a desk job may not be able to give their best at work. Sitting for extensive periods of time comes with the demerit of multiple types of illnesses like joint stiffness, gastrointestinal disorders etc. This is where an employer can step in and give them the opportunity to run their way to a healthy lifestyle. A marathon would be the best option to make sure they develop a daily routine of fitness, which is also fun filled and challenging.

What we have in stock!

Imagine running across lush green trails that have been replenished with the bounty of rain. Breathing in freshly pumped oxygen from trees, one is rejuvenated while running. With movement in the muscles involved in running and your brain actively focusing on the process, the mind-body coordination improves and you are more in tune with yourself.

Realizing that your body is not a rundown machine but a storehouse of energy with the potential to work more efficiently, is nothing less than therapy and that is precisely what running a marathon offers you.

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