Relive the 3rd successful edition of the Corporate Health Summit. Discussion panels, insightful sessions and lots of learnings were on offer at CHS 2019.

The Corporate Health Summit (CHS) is India’s ultimate corporate workforce wellness conference! India’s health and wellness community of experts descended on the 3rd edition of CHS at JW Marriott, Bengaluru on 14th March 2019. The best and brightest minds in the industry were there to plot the path ahead and deliberate solutions to India’s workforce wellness woes.

India is a microcosm of the world’s workforce. With lifestyle illnesses, mental health issues, stress and that elusive work-life balance getting higher on the list of concerns for companies, the connection between corporate health and productivity has never been this obvious. A lot has changed in the wellness space since the first edition of the CHS. However, The Fuller Life and its partners, to this day, are driven in this journey to make wellness a part of every company’s engagement strategy.

CHS 2019 hosted everyone with interest towards employee wellness – HR and EHS folks, insurance companies, wellness service providers, companies; and the takeaways were something that every attendee could benefit from at their workplace.

What are we trying to accomplish at CHS?

  • Conducting in-depth dialogues about corporate wellness
  • Understanding the current challenges in employee wellness
  • Discovering actionable solutions for companies

A recap of the day’s events

Employee health and wellness affects every company’s bottom line in a massive way. We covered matters that play a crucial role in creating a safe, healthy and positive working environment – which is the desire of every employer.  The day began with a warm and welcoming introduction by our very own CEO, Arvind Krishnan, who set the stage for what was a very successful day of networking and deliberation!

Keynote by Krish Shankar (Group Head, Human Resources, Infosys)

To start the day’s progressions, Krish gave us an insight into his personal journey with wellness and how important it is for companies to start a wellness program at their workplaces. Krish says that “Organizations have to enable employees to spend some time on their health, maybe even incentivize them”. Krish has taken part in several of races and his journey to wellness hasn’t been an easy one. We were all struck by his dose of inspiration and it started the day off on a perfect note!

Panel 1: Technology’s role in promoting corporate wellness (moderated by Suman Joshi, Process and Quality, The Fuller Life)


  • Dr. Ajay Patwardhan, Medical Director, Connect & Heal.
  • Dr. Noel Coutinho, Senior Vice President, Business Development, ekincare.
  • Subhasish Sircar, Founder & CEO, Health Vectors.
  • Nikhil Chopra, Chief Business Officer, Medibuddy.

Keeping relevant issues in mind, we kick-started the panel discussions with “Technology & Wellness”.  Topics covered included various ways to incentivize health and wellness, engagement tools, data mining and protection and the role of technology as an enabler. It was concluded that technology cannot be a silver bullet to solve health and wellness plans. Organizations will still need to think about and invest in planning and executing health and wellness programs.

Product demo: Mindful for Life

We were excited to debut our mindfulness app “Mindful for Life” at CHS 2019. The response from all the attendees was superb, to say the least! The audience actively participated in the demo which included, making them listen to different soundscapes and also checking on their mood after each listening session. We have taken their feedback into account for the final launch of Mindful for Life. We cannot wait for our customers to try the final version of the app. Stay tuned for this update!

Session on Metrics

The uptake of wellness programs is a major concern for companies. We asked the audience a set of questions to get a collective view of decisions made to plan, run and measure the works of their corporate wellness plan. The questions were based on the different metrics:

  • Awareness – Whether employees are aware of the program.
  • Adoption – How many took part?
  • Efficacy – Did the program assess employee needs and preferences?
  • Advocacy – Did employees encourage participation amongst their colleagues?
  • Community – Do interest groups with like-minded employees form communities in your organisation?
  • Culture – Do health and wellness programs contribute to the culture of the company?

We displayed live results and everyone benefitted immensely from the learnings delivered in this session. 

Panel 2: Emotional wellness (moderated by Monica Pillai, People Function, Catalyst)


  • Srinath Krishnan, Country Manager, Total Rewards, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, India.
  • Gangapriya Chakraverti, Director, Human Resources, Ford Motor Company, Global Business Services.
  • Amber Alam, Director, Prevention & Wellbeing Apac, Optum.
  • Dr. Pallavi Joshi, Consultant Psychiatrist, Columbia Asia Hospitals.

The Indian mental health crisis is a contentious topic with no evident solutions. The panel went over the best ways to manage it and the roles and responsibilities of corporate India, the individual professional and the supporting industry to make these conversations more mainstream.  “Does your EAP partner run awareness campaigns? Are these programs well-attended by employees? Do managers mandate that employees attend some of these and talk about it?” – Questions like these were brought up and discussed by the panel members with the audience curiously listening and making notes.

Panel 3 – Invisible stressors (moderated by Arvind Krishnan, CEO, The Fuller Life)


  • Aditi Tandan – Director, Rewards and Performance at Flipkart
  • Nimitha Menon – SVP and Practice Leader, Health Risk management at Marsh
  • Vaibhav Tewari – Chief Operating Office at Portea and
  • Dr. Kakoli Lahkar – Consultant in Cancer Care at Manipal

The panel on invisible stressors at work had much to reveal!  People think bad health is directly due to disease, and forget the far simpler things. A far greater effect on our long-term wellness are probably not viruses or bacteria, but the food we consume, the air we breathe, our long commute to work, the lack of sleep or stress on the job. We realized that most companies are novice in their approach and there is a huge void to fill. To conclude, it was evident that to tackle these invisible stressors, a more holistic approach is needed, but there is a long way to go before we can even start realizing the benefits.

CHS 2019 was concluded in style!

Our partners, who set up stalls at the event, were delighted with the response they received. They included Connect & Heal, ekincare, Healthspring, MediBuddy and Portea – all of them had a successful outing at CHS 2019 with the attendees wanting to know more about their services. Huge thanks to them for their support and we look forward to more partnerships ahead!

India’s ultimate wellness conference on the developing area of workplace health and wellness was a huge success, thanks to all those who convened to explore best-in-class workplace wellness strategies. We gained a lot of insights from the top health and wellbeing experts and learned what India’s biggest and most successful companies are doing to make their workplaces healthier, more productive and more inclusive.

Our most successful CHS so far:

  • 150 attendees
  • 7 best-in-class exhibitors
  • 17 extraordinary speakers
  • And 113 companies attended CHS 2019

Together, there’s a lot of knowledge to be gained and put into action. Till the next edition of CHS, we will continue expanding our grasp on the most contentious issues and learn how to attract and retain staff, boost productivity and improve profitability with tailored health and wellness programmes. We look forward to more partnerships, more conversations and many more editions of CHS with your support!

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