It’s 2018, health and engagement programs are no longer the novelty it used to be. It would be difficult to find a company without some form of employee engagement program.  Given the fact that health and engagement have a bearing on employee productivity and retention, corporates have jumped on the bandwagon like never before.

Yet, how effective are these programs? What are the key metrics that define a successful program? How can we ensure that the programs run smoothly without hiccups?

Health and engagement programs are crucial for companies to promote greater involvement among the employees across various departments and even across hierarchies within the organisation.

However, deploying an effective employee engagement program can be a bandwidth burner and can also be time-consuming and stressful. Right from SEZ procedures, to getting leadership on board, to smooth execution and great employee feedback, rolling out a successful program requires rigorous planning. Further, if the employees are unaware of the benefits which they can derive from the program, participation levels may remain low. Raising awareness and sparking enthusiasm among the workforce is imperative to the success of any program.

Therefore, in addition to good ideation, proper marketing and execution becomes imperative!

Also bear in mind that ‘no one size fits all’! The nature of the programs should depend on the philosophy of the company, the objectives of the organisation in implementing the program and the focus areas of the program itself.

The specific issues which plague a company may be varied and unique. Hence, it is important that engagement programs are tailored in order to cater to these specific requirements.

With over 16 years of experience in program management working with several marquee companies across multiple industries, The Fuller Life has gained a world of knowledge in this space. It certainly has become a core ability and an area of expertise!

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